Name Akira Kurusu
Codename Joker
Age 16
Height 5'9''
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Status Single
Affiliation Phantom Thieves of Hearts
Arcana The Fool | The World
Persona Arsene | Satanael
Filling Later

Social Statuses

Knowledge Erudite
Guts Lionhearted
Proficiency Transcendent
Kindness Angelic
Charm Debonair

Social Links

Myself/Igor: Holder of The Fool Arcana. Take a look around if you want to know more about my acquaintances and me.
Caroline & Justine: Holder of The Strength Arcana. TBA.
Morgana: Holder of The Magician Arcana. TBA.
Ryuji Sakamoto: Holder of The Chariot Arcana. Codename Skull. A short-tempered, disruptive 'problem student' of Shujin Academy. Former star of the school's track team, he caused the dissolution of the team after socking Kamoshida's face. He became the second member of the Phantom Thieves after awakening to his Persona, Captain Kidd, and is currently a good friend of mine.
Ann Takamaki: Holder of The Lovers Arcana. Codename Panther. A headstrong, fierce, and passionate girl. She would do anything for her friends. Originally took up modeling as a hobby, resolving to take it more seriously after witnessing how hardworking one of her peers was. Became the third member of the Phantom Thieves after awakening to her Persona, Carmen, and is currently well acquainted with me.
Yusuke Kitagawa: Holder of The Emperor Arcana. TBA.
Futaba Sakura: Holder of The Hermit Arcana. TBA.
Makoto Niijima: Holder of The Priestess Arcana. TBA.
Haru Okumura: Holder of The Empress Arcana. TBA.
Sojiro Sakura: Holder of The Hierophant Arcana. TBA.
Sae Niijima: Holder of The Judgment Arcana. TBA.
Goro Akechi: Holder of The Justice and Fool Arcanas. TBA.
Tae Takemi: Holder of The Death Arcana. TBA.
Chihaya Mifune: Holder of The Fortune Arcana. TBA.
Munehisa Iwai: Holder of The Hanged Man Arcana. TBA.
Sadayo Kawakami:Holder of The Temperance Arcana. TBA.
Ichiko Ohya: Holder of The Devil Arcana. TBA.
Shinya Oda: Holder of The Tower Arcana. TBA.
Hifumi Togo: Holder of The Star Arcana. TBA.
Yuuki Mishima: Holder of The Moon Arcana. TBA.
Toranosuke Yoshida: Holder of The Sun Arcana. TBA.
Lavenza: Bestower of The World Arcana. TBA.

Beneath The Mask

1. I realize not many people look at the story, but I'm mainly a story-driven kind of guy! Keep that in mind if you're looking to RP with me.
2. I'm a flexible RPer who can work with many different posting styles. Semi-para, para, multi-para. Expect anything semi-para to be me fucking around.
3. T1 combat only.
4. If you're lookin' for a fight, Joker might oblige as long as he gets entertainment out of it.
5. As I'm someone who's been sparring for longer than eight years and taught by people who had been in the game for over twelve at the time I started, I believe I have enough experience to know what can and can't be done within T1. Please don't tell me what my character can or cannot do. I cannot stress this enough.
6. IC != OOC. Learn it!
7. On the matter of respect... Not everyone will deserve it from me, especially if they've disrespected me to begin with. Practice what you preach. If you want respect from me, you'll show respect.
8. Smut ain't for you. Move along, skippy.
9. Have fun!