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General Characteristics

Name: Vincent "Dirge" Fiorelli

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown. Looks about 23

Height: Everchanging. Usually 6'1''

Status: Her Despair

Weapon of Choice: Sword

Occupation: Magister

Appearance: 1. || 2. || 3. || 4. || 5. || 6. || 7. || 8. || 9.

Voice: Cocky Motherfucker

Large Dossier: The Thousand Magister

Vincent's Story

There are a handful of demons in the hellish planes that are capable of transitioning to any plane of existence, shifting in an almost unnoticeable manner. Unnoticeable to all those capable of sensing such changes in a certain realm, that is. Vincent Fiorelli, the second of the Fiorelli twins was the result of one of these demons breeding with a human being. The entity was called a "dream demon", a being capable of shapeshifting at will as well as invade the minds of any creature near it, up to the point of erasing memories or hurting a living being physically via the manipulation of the mind. The young demon's sister was named Vanni, and they'd both inherited a portion of their father's powers while gaining the morals and ethics of humans.

Vincent's upbringing was quick and he and his sister developed quite quickly thanks to the accelerated growth rates their bodies and minds possessed. Within weeks, they were able to tap unto their innate powers and discover what they were capable of. It appeared Vincent had a natural knack for controlling and manipulating the four primordial elements and sub-elements: fire, water, earth, wind, and several others such as lightning, wood, light, and darkness. His sister strayed away from that path, instead gaining an unusual mastery over shapeshifting, which allowed her to quickly alter her physical body to suit her needs. Eventually, they both discovered they had a minor aptitude in each other's skills; Vincent could shift his limbs and certain parts of his body, enough for him to change genders at will, while his sister could manipulate the four basic elements to a certain degree.

Exactly two months after their birth, when they'd reached roughly eight years of bodily development, Vincent and Vanni devised a plan to escape with their mother, which was successful to a degree. The plan went well during the initial phase, however, the demon felt that something was amiss; the woman was not there - she had also escaped. He couldn't have that, for he still needed to reproduce and populate the world with more offspring in order to raise his own army and claim territories upon the surface of the Earth. At the woman's request, both Vincent and his sister successfully escaped the lair of their 'father'... But she suffered a terrible fate at the hands of the demon.

Now, this is where it gets a little hazy, for neither of them can remember much of what happened after they escaped. The earliest memories they have after this event is the construction and management of the Takana Hotsprings & Inn, a turning point in their lives. Vincent became more familiar with his elementalist abilities and also managed to dominate minor shapeshifting whereas Vanni had a major grasp in the latter.
Vincent, however, turned away from the elements to develop a magic style with Zericho Azerich, an old friend. Together, they rediscovered "Mahou", a magic school which merges together many concepts from both eastern and western magic, following the principles of the Thousand Master and Negi Springfield as well as Jack Rakan, Takane D. Goodman and various other famous mages of yore.


There's not a whole lot to say about his birthplace. It is one iteration of Earth that has been long forgotten by the Multiverse; one that Vincent has not visited in years and which has most likely turned into the breeding grounds of his father. The memories he recorded in papyrus sheets allow onlookers and readers to practically see everything that had happened back then. Simply touching the paper, images are directly instilled into the minds of whoever manages to do so and they are instantly rewarded with knowledge. Vincent recommends that those without any control over magical energies or those without focus refrain from approaching his current library scattered through the floors of his tower.

The Takana Inn was famous for its natural hotsprings. None of the customers knew that, in actuality, the springs had been a creation of Vincent and his sister. Through carefully manipulating the elements of fire, water, earth, and wind, the Fiorelli was able to recreate an environment of sheer relaxation. He could have easily created dungeons, fake battlefields, and even manipulate the mountain the inn was set on and turn it into a volcano, but none of them were business choices. None of them would allow the twins to settle peacefully and to disappear from the radar of his father.

The few brothers and sisters that managed to stumble upon the Takana Inn promptly made their objective known; they were to bring Vincent and his twin sister back to their father. As such, this ensued the start of a drawn out conflict where he was required to use every trick in his book to keep the assailants - to keep his family - at bay. Through several run ins with them, Vincent was able to grow stronger until a final encounter with his father within his sister's mind. The ancient demon had decided to attack one of his own daughters and Vincent was forced to reach his first spike in power and liberate his sister's mind. After a grueling battle, the demon was pushed away and the Fiorelli initiated research in mental barriers. It was only after a single day that he had come up with the necessary defenses to protect the mind from external attacks, bestowing this protection on his sister after extensively testing it.

The Path of the Sword

While visitors from other realms were not a rare occurrence at the Takana Inn, organized groups with weapons drawn was something that nobody expected. The friends the twins had made in the region rushed to their aid and, in no time at all, the entire area had turned into a war zone. They scattered individually to face the incoming threat - though one of them had to take on a team - and began to fight for dominance over the mountain.

Zericho Azerich was fried to a near-death state by a bolt of red lightning coming from Natomouge.

Edan was forced to fight Alabaster and Kajurou and ended up getting ripped apart. Through his control over the element of earth, he was able to turn to dust at the last minute and reformed close by, but ended up frozen on the spot a few minutes after.

Sutoraikku was destroyed by a plasma beam fired by his opponent, Kamon.

Hitamashi met a grim end at the hands of Thomas Balvice after an elaborate technique was rendered useless by the latter.

Vincent ended up facing Ignatius Eldridge in a bout mainly encompassing elemental techniques and swordsmanship. It was right there that he'd realized not only how weak he was in the grand scheme of things, but how stronger he had become compared to his peers. Forced to surrender due to his lack of experience, Vincent and his friends struck a deal with their assailants: In exchange for training, they would pass the ownership of the mountain over. Most of Vincent's friends stayed to guard the mountain and to train on the spot, but he journeyed with his newfound teachers to the Isamahii Gardens; a location far, far away from the Takana Hotsprings.

It is here that Vincent's training with the sword begins under the tutelage of Ran, Sohjin Kasake, Kajurou, and Shiki. It was an era filled with intense combats and arduous study, and he would grow to learn different skills from each swordmaster. From Ran, he learned not to rely too much on techniques; strategical points of view often beat hasty approaches. From Sohjin, he learned the basics of combat and how to further expand on them; often times, the only thing we need is to be led down a good path to follow. From Kajurou, he learned how to expand his repertoire of elemental techniques in the battlefield; when something does not work, refine it properly until it does. From Shiki, he learned balance; the momentum one garners in a fight is always there, carried by the body.

Through the perfect synergy of these principles, Vincent evolved into one of the best fighters of the Isamahii Gardens and eventually managed to graduate from their training. Perhaps, just perhaps, he is capable of surpassing every single fighter or teacher in the Gardens at the present time.

A True Master; An Eternal Student

Swordsmanship and elementalism only got the growing Vincent so far. His interests lay beyond the powers found within mother nature; he desired to learn more and to continue evolving beyond what he already was. When Zericho Azerich approached him about an ancient ruin he'd discovered, Vincent wasted no time in going over to investigate. What they managed to find there were scrolls preserved through magical means in the bottommost chambers of the ruin. The storage area was completely untouched by the passing of time but the protective incantations disappeared the moment Vincent picked up the first scroll.

The two of them spent weeks deciphering the texts, and while some parts were written in the common language of the Multiverse, others were written in Latin and Greek. In order to receive the gift the scrolls eventually presented to them, Vincent enacted a seal upon his elemental powers, hoping it would keep the beast within him down. The truth was that while he gained power through training, the demonic side - heritage from his father - hiding deep in his soul wanted out and its pleas were only growing stronger by the day. The seal allowed Vincent to keep it in check while regulating the overall power he possessed. It allowed him to accept the gift of magic from the ruin's spoils.

Zericho and Vincent spent nearly a month learning how to cast each and every single spell before perfecting them. Some of them were in an incomplete state while others simply ran rampant once cast. They needed more focus, more concentration, and more expertise with magic. It was harsh training, more so than learning swordsmanship, but it paid off in the end. Vincent's body underwent more changes to the point that his blood transfigured into sheer energy and his flesh grew stronger. With this change, he was left vulnerable to many types of attacks that could target or mitigate energy as a whole, and thus fail safes were set in place.

Runic writing was carved in his bones and he found out that the illusion of pain was completely dulled within him. He could choose whether the signal would be transmitted to his 'brain' or simply to ignore it altogether. Many physical functions were deemed as optional, such as eating or drinking, sleeping or having sex; even breathing. They were no longer necessities to sustain his physical body, which only meant that he could even subsist in harsh outer space. Of course, there were more factors that came into play, such as protective enchantments, techniques that he'd practiced daily and soon became passive to him, and what not.

Once their magic had been fully fleshed out, Zericho and Vincent donned "Mahou" - the name of the magic school - proudly in honor of its previous practitioners. To this day, Vincent continues to improve the spells and techniques of Mahou, ranging from the ever useful martial arts contained within it to the dangerous Magia Erebea. In the confines of his tower, the self nominated magister magi practices his magic in peace and quiet. The nature of his experiments is unknown other than to expand his own power and to share his knowledge with whoever he deems fit.

The Multiversal Envoy

With greater power, greater responsibilities fell upon the Fiorelli's lap. That he was a prodigy in his own community and that there were no challenges left for him to tackle there forced him to seek excitement elsewhere. He decided to 'leave the nest', so to speak, and to expand his knowledge through seeking out other realms and universes. The Multiverse was a vast place, after all, and no single entity had been to every single universe out there. It was during one of these escapades to another realm that he stumbled upon Beramode Aurelius Pendragon. There was apparent hostility between the two of them for a brief moment before they realized that they could strike up a valuable alliance. In exchange for Vincent preserving the Pendragon family name, Beramode would grant him power and take him around the Multiverse whenever there was anything interesting going on.

Amongst some of these encounters, Vincent can recall their battle against an horrendous creature that they dubbed the 'Lord of Jewels' - which the Magister still keeps the head of -, and a special meeting with the entity 'Brobdingnag.' It is important to note that the last meeting took place in one of the many Hells across the Multiverse and that Vincent has managed to recover quite a bit of knowledge from the arcane tomes hiding deep within Brobdingnag. Through this era, Vincent made it a point to make his magical power known across the expanse of the Multiverse; however, the realization that he had become to rely too much on his magic slapped him in the face when he was forced to fight Caitlyn, the Voidmistress at the planet of Regulus. He left the planet in a weakened state and has since been coming up with ways to stop abusing his magic.

It was a feat that resulted an impossibility once he managed to visit the realm known as The Keep. His allies and him encountered a presumably powerful group dubbed the 'Primoris.' Vincent observed their lack of technological apparatuses and their lack of spaceships despite the claims that the Primoris held galaxies in their names. As much power as they could claim to possess, they could only be regarded as minor outlaws with a sense of hierarchy given that they respected etiquette and foreign titles. After establishing communication with one of the region's most influential women with a firm grip in the political ties of the realm, the magister nominated himself a Multiversal envoy. While the conflict with the Primoris did not go anywhere, chances are that, in the future, Vincent and his allies will claim control of the dominion to ensure less chaos is wrought across the Multiverse.

While this does mean Vincent sees a lot less combat than before, the possibility of learning from new cultures and getting to know more and more people every day means that he has essentially lost nothing. Combat was but one way of studying people; through communicating with them and the members of high social, political, and military standing within other cultures, he is able to extract more data and information with simple inquiries.

The League's Interest

Vincent's first encounter with the League dates back to many months ago - perhaps five or longer - from the present time. He had utilized his raw power over magic and boundaries to bypass several barriers the high councilors had set in place to protect the storage of magical artifacts and stole a single copy of every item. Amongst these items was the crystal ball the summoners use to watch, command, and aid their summoned champions in the Rift or elsewhere. It was not long after that Vincent was approached by High Councilor Heyward Relivash, initially seeking out to punish him to no avail.

Heyward attempted to utilize the tricks summoners were known for performing at Champion Judgments and tried to tamper with Vincent's mind. Once realizing that it was not possible, the high summoner attacked the Fiorelli and the latter was forced to defend himself. The battle lasted several days in a remote location of Valoran that Vincent purposefully sealed away through a bounded field - a magical circle encompassing the entire region where the fight took place so as to not to harm the environment. Although Heyward employed his most powerful magic against Vincent, the latter only appeared to absorb these spells only to fire his own back in rapid succession. The high councilor was not aware of the Fiorelli's magic expertise until his defeat was sealed, but Vincent did not kill him. Instead, they struck a deal; in exchange for Vincent's magical expertise, he would be allowed to join the League and be granted all the benefits of a full fledged summoner.

It was tough to accept that an outsider could actually defeat the most powerful summoner in all of the League thus far, but the kind of power Vincent dealt with encompassed a global - if not cosmic - scale. While he shared very little information with Heyward Relivash, often giving him exactly what he asked for, he was able to pick up signs of something darker within the Institute of War. Admittedly, the magister had no proof whatsoever outside of what he had heard here and there. Inquiring with several champions and reading the Journal of Justice - and dreading how the newspaper had been discontinued -, Vincent was able to pile up a hefty amount of information about Runeterra and the League.

Nowadays, the Fiorelli pursues knowledge with thirst similar to the void champion's known as Vel'koz; however, he doesn't share the flair for blasting or blowing things up. He prefers to talk with people, particularly with champions or summoners he deems interesting. It is not rare to see him with a crystal ball and a notebook overseeing a match or two whenever he does come around the Institute. Although his talents as a summoner are innate, he still strives to improve and to, eventually, break the shackles of the Institute of War across all of Runeterra. Of course, this objective will take time and hard work from his part, mainly due to the gathering of evidence. The League's involvement could not be proven fully even by Katarina, Jarvan, Garen, and Talon. As such, more careful investigations are required. For the time being, he will enjoy his life as a summoner within the universe of Runeterra.



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