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General Characteristics

Name: Vincent "Dirge" Fiorelli

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown. Looks about 23

Height: Everchanging. Usually 6'1''

Status: Her Despair

Weapon of Choice: Sword

Occupation: Magister

Appearance: 1. || 2. || 3. || 4. || 5. || 6. || 7. || 8. || 9.

Voice: Cocky Motherfucker

Large Dossier: The Thousand Magister

Vincent's Story



Chapter 1.

The Path of the Sword

Chapter 2.

A True Master; An Eternal Student

Chapter 3.

The Multiversal Envoy

Chapter 4.

The League's Interest

Chapter 5.

The Vanguard of the Magister

Chapter 6.

Returning to One's Roots

Chapter 7.

Aethera State & Nethuamamagos War

To be written...

The Darkness Within


Supernatural Abilities


» Rhythm Of The Beast: Vincent has possessed a vessel designed to constantly evolve based on his experiences, product of his biological father's genetic manipulation. In an attempt to create a vast army of hellish children to dominate one of the worlds he'd chosen, the demon shared some of his genetic code with them while giving each and every single one of them free will to choose their path. Vincent's body and mind were honed as sharply as possible from a very young age through arduous exercises and forced training. The way his body adapted flawlessly became acutely stronger as the years passed, transitioning into the Halfling gaining power proportional to the damage his vessel incurs. Presently, he has enough raw power to threaten the destruction of lesser planets and entire solar systems if left to his devices.

» Wrathchild: Vincent gained two particular skills from his father: one that was completely attuned to him, and a lesser portion of another that was fully attuned to his twin sister. The former was the mastery over every primordial element as well as a series of sub-elements spurring from them. The latter the capability to perform minor shapeshifting. While his elemental mastery is currently sealed, his knowledge over minor shapeshifting has allowed him to perfect himself over the years by altering his genetic code whenever necessary. This, naturally, allows him to change his appearance at will so long as he keeps a humanoid form. Only limbs can be transfigured to monstrous or eldritch appendages, with a maximum of two limbs transfigured simultaneously at any given time.

» Powerslave: Perhaps a curse, perhaps a boon, Vincent has been drawn to knowledge ever since his cognitive processes became fully functional. Particularly interested in the art of war and dueling in the dawn of his life, these interests have continued to expand. The more he learned, the more he craved. The desires of the Halfling's soul currently encompass all forms of knowledge that could prove useful to him to further heighten his power and, secondly, to ensure the lesser communities across the Multiverse acquire the tools they require to subsist on a daily basis.

» Eye Of The Beholder: One of the most basic skills inherent to Vincent is the capability to see and sense all forms of energy in his surroundings. While the basic ability was overall messy and sometimes left the readings unclear, the Halfling has been able to evolve this ability through developing a hybrid form of sensing that allows him to draw a mental map of his surroundings. Said map is created through a mixture of Extrasensoria Perceptio, a fine uplink to the Secret Library of Hyades, and this 'third eye.' Presently, very few things can manage to hide from this particular skill, and seeing as how it is constantly evolving along with Vincent, chances are nothing gets past him as long as this ability is present within his senses.

» Darkside: While his biological capabilities offer him a hefty amount of resilience with an offense to match, Vincent is partially a demon with all that this entails. Whereas he has rejected the evil side of himself, the darkness has festered within a portion of his soul, which currently remains sealed away, forcing the magister to face a constant internal conflict. This "demonic" side renders all limitations that Vincent has placed upon himself useless, employing the magister's full power to get what it wants; complete control and domination, unbridled chaos, and unrelenting destruction, embodying all the traits of an evil entity with a megalomaniacal complex. It has been mentioned that the dark is growing stronger and will break free from the Fiorelli soon enough. When exactly, however, nobody can tell...


» Ruinmessenger: Vincent has channeled his supernatural power to awaken the magic coursing through his veins. By sealing his elementalist skills with the help of Zericho Azerich, he was able to employ the magic school the two of them uncovered. Whether it is conjuring fire from nowhere or creating micro-black holes, Vincent's physical and mental fortitude and magical knowledge only continue to grow stronger day after day. The versatility of the magic school makes it a force to be reckoned with, and the knowledge contained within ranges from simple spells belonging to the four primordial elements, to the very manipulation of reality itself.

» A New Dimension: The information he acquired from the Lady of Gensokyo, Yukari Yakumo, has allowed him to tamper with the borders governing the different planes of reality. Coupled with his knowledge about magic squares, circles, and wards in general, Vincent has gained the particular skill to create pocket dimensions at will as long as the necessary geometrical conditions are present. On his own, he has been able to create a protected pocket dimension used specifically as a storage space. Comprised of many smaller boundaries and protected with a defensive network consisting of sigils, charms, enchantments, and the like, the Halfling utilizes this place to store anything that may be of use to him. Several boundaries replicate objects in their seemingly infinite space, keeping them at the ready in perfect stasis and awaiting for Vincent to call upon them.

» The Flash Of The Blade: The Halfling's skill with the sword is comparable to that of ancient swordmasters themselves. Taught by a vastly experienced group of cold blooded assassins and protectors, Vincent was able to gain a sizable amount of knowledge about different swordsmanship styles. After exploring other schools and arts, he is presently able to handle any bladed weapon with relative ease while possessing moderate ability in other forms of weapons and martial arts.

» Master Of Puppets: Vincent is capable of splitting himself many times to be in multiple places at the same time. He can split himself ten times based on the elements he masters, and roughly twenty four times based on the branches of magic he possesses for a total number of thirty four Aspects. An Aspect is, in layman terms, a clone; a specific part of a person becoming a separate physical body who can also think on its own based on the portion of personality they formed themselves from.

To put it simply, say Vincent splits off the part of him that dominates Fire magic. That Aspect will possess a fiery personality, in accordance to the Fire element. He will be rash and reckless and he will only be capable of using magic attuned to Fire. An important part of Aspects is that, should they be killed, they will return to the original host without fail. Aspects cannot be absorbed or completely annihilated without eliminating the original host first. Any experience the Aspect obtains will be passed onto the host at the moment of return. This includes but is not limited to combat experience, information, conversations, and so on. Presently, Vincent can duplicate Aspects as required due to new developments within the technique. This has allowed him to scatter a vast number of Aspects throughout the Multiverse in order to feed him information or to gather more data for Hyades, the Secret Library.

» Savior In The Clockwork: True to his pursuit of knowledge, Vincent has delved into technology of different kinds. He has acquired the ability to replicate objects that his hands have come into contact with before, analyzing them thoroughly before creating a perfect duplicate of them seemingly out of thin air. In reality, the objects are summoned from the depths of his personal storage in the blink of an eye whenever he desires it so. Aside from that, Vincent is able to craft, use, and modify technologically advanced weaponry, vehicles, and artifacts, amongst other objects.

General Knowledge

» Master Elementalist - Sub-Elements Included - Partially Accessible «

These abilities have originally been sealed in accordance to Vincent choosing to specialize in magic.
With the developments from his Darkside in the "Darkness Within" chapter, these abilities have been unsealed and are currently partially accessible.

» Water Mastery
» Fire Mastery
» Earth Mastery
» Wind Mastery
» Lightning Mastery (Water + Wind)
» Ice Mastery (Included Under Water)
» Wood Mastery (Water + Earth)
» Iron Mastery (Included Under Earth)
» Light Mastery (Separate element; not part of the four primordial elements)
» Darkness Mastery (Separate element; not part of the four primordial elements)

» Fiorelli & Azerich Magic School «
This is the school of magic discovered by Zericho Azerich and Vincent Fiorelli many years ago. The entire school is documented in ancient texts that Vincent keeps within the Secret Library of Hyades. He has taken to calling these the 'Fiorelli Codex.'

» Theory Of Magic.
» Theory Of Wards.
» Western And Eastern Magic.
» Various Martial Arts.
» Various Swordsmanship Styles.
» 24 Branches of magic. Ask if curious.
» Lord Soul Piece: After Vincent's encounter with a powerful acquaintance by the name of Pendragon, he was bestowed a small piece of an amazing power known as the Lord Soul. The full soul possesses power far beyond measuring, allowing the user to influence an entire realm if they so desire. It is said that in one universe, the wielder of a Lord Soul ushered in an age of prosperity and Fire, keeping the Dark away. The inhabitants of his land enjoyed peace for roughly a thousand years. Lord Souls can vary in power depending on their wielder. The magister is still researching this small piece of the Lord Soul he's been gifted, but study has been somewhat... Delayed. The fact that the piece has merged with his own soul makes it quite difficult for him to analyze it, and the sporadic displays of power coming from the soul's innate abilities are far too unpredictable. Long story short, Vincent has been focusing on adapting to the Lord Soul's shard to be able to call upon its power whenever necessary.

General Creations & Equipment

» The Jeweled Azoth: The pinnacle of his alchemical and magical creations. Forged with an alloy infused with raw mana and the power coursing through the leylines of the planet Earth - which he named Fiorellite -, this dagger possesses power far beyond the understanding of mere mortals. Locked up in Vincent's personal universe.

» Liberi Fatali: The second pinnacle of his creations. The sword resembles a nodachi and was forged out of raw mythril infused with pure magical energies. As such, it can be considered as a magic weapon. Possesses a conscience of its own which manifests itself in the apple-sized ruby encrusted in its handguard. Covered in a myriad runes which boost its magical efficiency but not its already high cutting power. Contains single standalone versions of Vincent's spells.

» Faux Liberi Fatali (x9999~): An unlimited source of copies of Liberi Fatali. While fairly weaker than the original, they can be destroyed to release the overwhelming magical energies contained within, easily obliterating a large area around them. Can be summoned in large numbers. Locked up in Vincent's personal universe.

» Stack Of Cards: Hand drawn by the magister himself, these cards possess different effects upon use. As of 7/3/2013, the cards known are the following:

» Disbelief Aspect (x2): Creates a physical illusion of the magister, switching places temporarily with him. Can mimic Vincent's movements. Any attack launched by this illusion is, however, many times weaker. Disappears after a short moment. Ideal for baits and counter attacks as well as confounding the enemy.

» Moon Sign - Silent Selene (x1): Creates a circular boundary about the user. This boundary acts as a barrier and rapidly calculates any distance traveled by any attack before reacting. If a long range attack attempts to penetrate the barrier, it is purified, absorbed, and sent back towards the enemy with the same power. If a medium range attack attempts to penetrate the barrier, it is purified, absorbed, and returned towards the enemy with double its power. If an enemy itself attempts to penetrate the barrier, their depth perception and senses will be distorted. The flow of time will slow down for them, however, if they take any damage during this time, it will also be inflicted upon the attacker.

» Set of the Shadow Queen: Document.

» Set of the Charred Winds: Originally designed to protect mounts and other animals, the Set of the Charred Winds has been lost for a long while and Vincent has not had the desire to create another one. Not because of the lack of materials, but rather the lack of a mount to craft it for.

» Arms of the Forge: Document.

» The Slayer's Sword: Document.

» Lombardia: Document.

» The Magister’s Lair: Document.

» The Secret Library - Hyades: Hyades is a dimension located between dimensions. In the seams found between each and every universe, the conduits of this particularly hidden Library constantly gather information to add to the endless shelves found within. It was through a twist of destiny that Vincent came into contact with a series of glyphs and puzzles that led him to one of the many 'doors' that connect to it. There are as many Secret Libraries as universes in the Multiverse, but every single one of them is unique and none of them are universal. The prelude to the Akashic Records, Hyades holds many kinds of different information accessible to a single individual that becomes intrinsically linked with the iteration of Hyades they discover. Currently, Vincent can establish an uplink to Hyades from any universe he is present in, gathering valuable information from the environment which enables him to study his surroundings better. Aside from that, he can also observe people whose energy signature has been registered within the Library. As long as he recognizes said energy signature, he is able to track their movements flawlessly and even observe the conflicts they may be participating in.

» The Vaitroye: Physical description to be added. For now, most of the information on the Vaitroye excluding its technical sheet is in this thread.

- Out of Character -

1. I realize not many people look at the story, but I'm mainly a story-driven kind of guy! Keep that in mind if you're looking to RP with me.

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3. T1 combat only. Vincent can fit in anywhere from Realistic Melee to Full Power styles.

4. If you're lookin' for a fight, Vincent might oblige as long as he gets entertainment or knowledge out of it.

5. Don't bitch if he turns out to be more than you bargained for in the middle of a fight!

6. As I'm someone who's been sparring for longer than seven years and taught by people who had been in the game for over twelve at the time I started, I believe I have enough experience to know what can and can't be done within T1. Please don't tell me what my character can or cannot do. I cannot stress this enough.

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