Joseph 'Jo' Howington *



Mocha Brown Hair

Mint Green Eyes

Mostly Heterosexual *


Pokémon Trainer; Island Guardian

Konikoni City, Akala Island; Alola Region

Cottage on Akala Outskirts

Related to Claudia

Friendly & Patient Persona

Born Free / Comeback / Sex is Good


On Hand

Back Up

In Trades

The Gijinkas

Poké Pals

In the Bag

Born on Akala Island, Jo grew up helping his single mother run a coffee shop. By the time he was old enough to take the trials, he had befriended and captured a Rockruff. With her help, he had surpassed his childhood friend's predictions and achieved his dreams. Defeating the fourth Alolan Champion, he took up the title a week before his twentieth birthday. For two whole months, he stood atop Mount Lanakila before being defeated. Many might have been driven to try and once more gain the ultimate title, but Jo took this chance to resume his exploration of the four islands and left the League behind. By the time he reached the age of twenty-five, Jo dedicated his life to helping preserve the customs and habitats of thee quickly growing Alolan Region as well as the tourist. Claiming to be an Island Guardian, he leads his former Champion team to confront challenging issues.

Pal Pad

Friends Rivals

Vanya Alexia
Shanni Plumeria
Fauve .....
Olivia .....
Zasha .....
Sadine .....
Kristal .....
Tsuki .....
Lil .....
Mark .....
Lana .....
Travis .....
..... .....
..... .....
..... .....

Out of Trials

Poke-Verse Only

PM Friendly, Mostly

Long Term Story Preferred *

Erotic Scenes Accepted w/ Plot

Not the Artist

Codes Are Mine

T-1 Battles Welcomed

Alola Region Only

Five Years After Game *

Canon Characters Accepted

Picky About Gijinkas

Don't Want Drama *