Stepping Stone To Despair

- Stats -

Name Junko

Age 19

Gender Female

Occupation Owner of AAM

Status Single


Junko, is known by Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Fashionista for Class 78, which allowed her to attend the school. However, this is only a superficial talent, derived from her "true", inherent talent of being the Ultimate Analyst, which borders on superhuman. She is best known for being The Ultimate Despair.



♥ IC is not OOC. ♥
♥ Smut is Reserved for Partner. ♥
♥ Skype Available to Friends Only. ♥
♥ PM Friendly. ♥
♥ No Drama Please. Thank You. ♥
♥ I play junko how I want. ♥
♥ Long Term RP preferred. ♥