• Real name is not Hitokui, but prefers that.
  • Is twenty-two years old.
  • Has a very good sense of smell.
  • Hardly blinks if he is focusing on something.
  • Has shark-like teeth instead of normal ones.
  • Majorly cannibalistic, but can eat other food.
  • Currently Stalking.
  • Is an orphan.
  • Hates people who smoke or drink.
  • Has a fondness for certain sweets
  • Nationality is Japanese.

Out of Character

1) Quality over Quantity, but no one-liners unless we're just messing around.

2) I'm not my character, and he isn't me. But I'm in character about 75% of the time.

3) I grow very tired of drama and won't tolerate it at all. Understand?

4) I have class and a lot of personal things going on outside of RPC, so I won't always be available. Deal with it.

5) I'm not interested in an OOC relationship.

6) If you read the profile to completion, PM the answer to this question: "Dandy is a slave to..?"

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Proper Cannibal