- Stats -

Name Altera

Legacy Attila The Hun

Servant Class Saber

Gender Female

Height 160cm

Master Leventhen

Sexuality Straight

Status Single

- History -

Saber's True Name is Altera, better known in history as Attila the Hun. She was the overlord who established a great empire in the 5th Century. She was a warrior and king of the Huns, a tribe descending from the Xiongnu. Leading an army of cavalry, the conquests of this great hero covered a great part of the map, controlling a vast territory spanning from Western Asia to Russia, Eastern Europe and even Gaul. It can be said that she invited the eventual collapse of the Roman Empire.

Throughout her life, Altera was always in the midst of battle. Due to the terrifying acts she commited in war, she was greatly feared in all European nations as the Scourge of God and the Whip of God. She is a pure King of Combat.

In actuality, however, Altera is not related to the Huns at all. She was discovered within the dark ruins of a civilization from thousands of years ago by the Hun elders, with the tattoos of combat on her body and the Photon Ray in her hand. After she killed an armed man, the elders began to regard her as "destruction" itself, and she went on to destroy civilizations as her instincts dictated.

Altera was an avatar of destruction. An engine of war that scythed down the many lives who had stood in her path. That was how she had been made to be… or so what the elders of the Huns had said to her. That she, Altera, existed for battle. That she had no father, no mother. That she had been “discovered” by the Huns, descendants of the Xiongnu people. Yes, she had no memories of parents, nor of friends, nor of a family. Instead, the world was filled with enemies. As shown by the marks of war carved into her flesh from the beginning, she lived only to fight. It was her born nature and her role. It was her purpose to exercise her capabilities as intended, and she never held any doubt on the matter.

Becoming destruction itself, Altera fought like a raging tempest, king of the Huns yet not one of them. It barely even registered to her that she had armies at her back as she swung her sword with a single mind. "Destruction. Domination. Invasion." She could not be sated, even as the lands of the Huns grew beyond their ability to control. She merely swung her sword and continued the slaughter.

In contrast with her martial achievements, Altera did not succeed politically, and her empire rapidly fell apart and dissolved after her death. Even in the moment when death came to her, she recalled – as she laid in a pool of her own blood, she had thought only of ways to fell Rome. However, the awe and dread infused in the name “Attila” remains in the memories of people to this day. History had even forgotten that she was a woman.

- Abilities -

Although she is classified as one, Altera's combat abilities surpasses those of Heroic Spirits, and she is able to battle Scathach to a standstill. Upon ascension, she mentions that her current vessel is harmonizing with her main body, and even upon reaching maximum ascension, she says that her strength is still limited by her vessel.

Saber's Noble Phantasm is Photon Ray, the Sword of the War God. Even when summoned as a Servant of Earth, Saber is capable of unleashing the Noble Phantasm's full power, Teardrop Photon Ray.

Civilization Erasure - is the subconsciously active Skill of the Heroic Spirit Altera. Anything in Altera's grasp is transformed into its 'best' form currently most suited for herself. This is based on Altera's own perspective, not necessarily reflecting the object at its greatest or most excellent. In this case, anything within Altera's grasp is transformed into the Photon Ray sword.

Star Emblem - is the unique pattern imprinted on Altera's body, a strange design that does not belong to the Huns but resulted from some advanced ritual. The higher the rank, the higher one's attack power is increased. By expending mana through it, Altera can temporarily enhance the performance of any desired part of the body. An efficient skill that costs little mana but lacks the explosiveness of Skills like Mana Burst. In addition, this unique Skill also has the effects of the Instinct Skill - since it felt like it was missing a little something.

Altera attained Divinity at Rank B. Altera is not related to a Divine Spirit by blood; however, Europe was overrun on what was considered to be the Authority of God. The target of this fear was given the name, "Scourge of God." Because of this, Altera, who became a Heroic Spirit on Earth, has a high ranking Divine Spirit aptitude.

Having possession of a perfect body as a living being since birth, Altera has the Natural Body Skill. She can temporarily rank up her STR. Furthermore, no matter how many calories she ingests, her body shape will not change.

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