Name Lumis Frey
Nick Name None
Titles Jack of Blades, Angel of Death
Level 40
Age 32
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Weight 180lbs
Hair Silver
Eyes Red
Species Humanoid
Birthplace Ostrain
Allegiance King Richarius Ostrain
Affiliation ARMADEUS
Occupation Soldier of The Sword
Proficiency Knight of the Beacon
Rank Colonel
Orientation Straight
Alignment Lawful Immoral


Born into a family of nobles from the first Kings of Ostrain and the rising power of the Primeval Beacon, the Frey's sought to raise their next heir into fulfilling the duties and trials every new generation must overcome. There are no records or moments in his life where Lumis had to stand out or be subjected to increasingly amounts of stress and depression. No, he was highly exceptional because he was born with the talent to be a fine soldier. The only problem at first was that due to his highly exceptional skills in both the sword, the mind and the understanding of Ostrainian history; his Eidlager was unobtainable. Or rather, he was unworthy of the Light. This was a sign that he was not a true Frey and thus was excommunicated from his own household where he would instead enlist into the military power ARMADEUS.

There, too, was he also exceptional. An undwindling will and disciplined mind, there could be no room for failure. The only way there was up. Jumping the ranks and learning more and more so he could make his own living without the aid of the Frey family. Yet it seemed strange that he was not chosen by the Light, therefore they would use his talents elsewhere not just as a dangerous mission but as a test. This same mission would be the biggest stepping stone in Lumis' life; yet it came at a great cost and sacrifice. To be sent as a prisoner to one of the death camps nearest to the capital of an enemy nation against the Kingdom of Ostrain in the attempt to get closer and infiltrate HQ. And he did. The war was ended swiftly, promoting Lumis into Colonel. But something else happened during his absence. It would seem that out of all the people with an Eidlager, Lumis didn't receive his by the will of the Light, but rather he 'took it for himself', bent its will and made it his own like it were something easy to grasp. Some form of madness had happened during the war; what that incident was is not known nor recorded. What is known is that Lumis Frey was not an average Knight, in spite of being a dutiful and patriotic soldier and from his very own light, there was a unique, dark and obsessive purpose.

That is where his life actually began. Becoming a Knight of the Beacon, now Colonel Frey would take back his home inheritance and without a hint of mercy he ex-communicated all of his household members away from the manor grounds. What he inherited from the war is that there is no place for the weak who rely on pure politics and rules to bend them for their own gain. There must be firm strength in order to take control. Just like the King, the fittest should be the ones at the height of power. By no means was Lumis lusting for power. His own sense of honor coupled with his strict and disciplined behavior would make him the exemplary soldier, better than any Frey, a thing King Richarius noticed. Any and all unruly cadets received his fist or boot if anyone disobeyed his orders. Those who questioned his motives were far off worse. He could not tolerate undisciplined behavior nor could he allow people to grow complacent if their fight against the Abyssals was at their door step. His reputation was built on fear. Yet any true Knight of the Beacon couldn't deny that he had won the respect of many. Those who were led within his own battallion were more afraid of him than they were of the enemy.

He is not without virtue by any means, knowing that in diligence and humility, great respect can be earned from his peers and those above him. Without a doubt, the Colonel would heed the advice and commands of King Richarius. Those who follow protocols, those who show equal respect, and those who show a sense of honor and camaraderie are among the closest of his friends. Even then the word "close" shouldn't be taken literally. Because those people have seen the hints of his own somewhat 'deformed' Light. How can it be deformed? Indeed, all Knights carry the Light within their hearts and exude its brilliance based on their own personality. But Lumis' light was different. Powerful, but different; for no matter how bright it shun, it always began by emitting a very faint yet slightly noticeable black outline before that outline spawned the light. And those who noticed could understand a little better. Very few would stick close as the rest stayed their distance. They knew some of Lumis' sadistic tendencies, his disregard for unruly recruits, his bloodlust for killing Abyssals and enemies alike, and his near-fanatical disgust for darkness. Only one person closest to him had seen what he's capable of doing to these 'heathens' of the dark. It was not pretty...

The Colonel loves stories of war. He enjoys talking about weapons. Conversations of strategy and history of war are also a favorite. Many of his preferred topics are for the sake of discussing them with like-minded individuals as he favors wisdom and knowledge over drinking. Sophisticated to a fault, his preferred drink is red wine. He is not without a sense of humor, although it could be at times crude. Those of his peers who are silly and humorous are pardoned if not pushed out of the way, exuding a mature vibe even though his stern behavior often makes him look boring. By all means, he is an elitist. He expects the best of others, and will push every single soldier to greater height. An all time favorite as mentioned before is that he favors combat and strong individuals for only the strong earn his acknowledgement. Very rarely his admiration. If there is any hint of soft spots, only very few know about it. Questionable may he or his Eidlager be, Colonel Lumis Frey means for the best. Efficiency, superb execution, and true strength make up the noble Knight some honor with the title of "Jack of Blades", and those who fear him whisper out "Angel of Death". Looking up to the skies with him soaring the winds gave both inspiration and dread.


9 Pledges - A total of nine katanas that were custom made specifically for the Frey family for generations, often needing to be rebuilt or repaired from the constant damage and wear; luckily all that takes is a trip to the engineering division of ARMADEUS. These blades were forged from Photonite, and by default their core structure and durability are empowered to exposure of light. A feat comparable to such is like wielding a plasma energy sword and cutting through almost anything solid. The 9 Pledges were all designed to be placed in different holsters and cases located around Lumis' body specifically so that he can maneuver himself (So don't expect this to happen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMYI3Hhfus8 ).

Indignation Blades - Two particular long nodachis holstered behind his waist that are separate from the 9 Pledges. They may not always come with him due to their size and purpose. These large weapons aren't for show and should not be carried around. The Shield has made these in the situation that there may be an Abyssal or adversary that can't be killed with mere combat and strategy for it requires even more fire power. With the intent to do so, a single well-placed cut of the Indignation Blades will unleash massive energies upon impact similar to a smaller scale nuclear explosion yet carrying the same potency; or a powerful lightning strike that decimates the region. Furthermore, even just by taking one, they are locked by a device in the scabbard that only ARMADEUS HQ can unlock with the permission granted.

House Frey Military Uniform - Weaved and repaired over the years as a symbol of the Frey pride. Offers absolutely nothing special other than its known fashion sense in the Kingdom of Ostrain. Worn only by true Knights.

Dimensional Radio Communicator - By military standards, all officers of ARMADEUS are given a communicator powerful enough to make signal across the vast layers of the Multiverse to contact HQ. It is to be used only for important conversations and not for casual use, as the simple act of forging communications is costly.

Ration Capsule - A cylindrical tube for housing small packages of rations. Only carries 4 at a time and used when on the battlefield.

Custom Hip Flask - A small bottle containing his favorite brand of rum. His only guilty pleasure next to red wine.


Military Combat Trained (Lvl. 1) - Mixtures of martial arts, knowledge in firearm handling, a sense for wielding other types of weapons, close quarter combat trained, understanding of codes, commands, messages, signals, tactical knowledge, vast comprehension of Ostrainian history, minimal knowledge of the Multiverse at best, piloting jets or Lumengears, and all other disciplines fitting for a Colonel.

Innate Power of the Light (Lvl. 1) - Being a Knight of the Beacon means possessing super natural physical attributes beyond that of non-Knights proportional to his current level. Strength, speed, stamina, willpower, reflexes and defenses are increased to a higher tier above that of ordinary mortals.

Expert Tactician (Lvl. 15) - Being a man of war and a soldier, he did not rise to Colonel rank without understanding the art of war. When not being fully consumed by battle lust, Lumis will take a different approach without needing to lift a finger to solve most his problems.

High Mental Resistance (Lvl. 22) - Attacks to the mind, temptations to the soul, illusions, seduction, mental manipulation, and telepathy (unless he is willing) will not deter the knight that easily. His will is strong and his devotion to his kingdom leaps many bounds that his motivation to deny all tricks to hinder one's will as a cowardly tactic rises to a whole new level. To him, games that play with one's choices is a weakness, but those of his allies who fall prey to them are weaker.

Master Swordsman (Lvl. 36) - One would expect him to know this much with the quantity of blades around him. Childhood demanded that he learn as soon as possible, not only katanas, but even straight swords. Either with one hand or in two hands, it makes no difference. In fact it's not odd that he would resort to holding several more swords with parts other than his hands like the mouth, and something under the sole of the boot.. to kick it, obviously. Colonel Frey strove to be the best out of all Frey's from the past, his motivation driven by living up to what it means to be Knight and while know how to use them he does not recurr to using firearms. Even though he can use several blades at a time, even he knows he's best when using only one in both hands.


[Eidlager] Angelic Blade Artes - Lumis Frey's power given to him by the Light relies on blade techniques, creations and manipulations with a heavy lean to the element of light itself. This revolves around abilities based on the sword either on-hand or off-hand. In addition to the workings of Lumis' own power and personality, not only does his light have a slight hint of darkness radiating from himself before it shines with a brilliant aura, but from time to time and even when performing abilities will specks in the form of angelic feathers roll off his being, merely for unexplained aesthetic purpose.

Flight (Lvl. 1) - The default ability all Knights of the Beacon learn upon obtaining their Eidlager. User is allowed to ascend to the air and fly at any capable velocity. Use of light exuding from the palms or feet can be used to propulse and regulate the way one maneuvers themselves. All Knights upon take off sprout wings made of light, dissipating after the first flap.

Blade Telekinesis (Lvl. 7) - Mostly connected to his 9 Pledges, by his will, the blades can be controlled to float, spin, and attack. The amount of focus put on each individual blade relies heavily on his mentality capability thus sometimes splitting power between them is necessary if the maneuver is complex and too instantaneous. Focus on one alone will make it easier to control and do more damage.

Photon Energy Infusion (Lvl. 14) - Light energy can be focused into attacks, making them not only add illumination but increase their damage output. Infusing them into the blades will make their cuts sharper and more powerful within a given swing. Certain application can cause the attack to release an explosive amount of light energy. Typically effective against dark elemental users, unholy beings and Abyssals.

Photon Blade Projection (Lvl. 26) - Creation of blades made out of light energy and can be controlled via Blade Telekinesis. Numerous blades (not as strong as the 9 Pledges) are formed and hurled to rain energy-construct steel on foes, intent on cutting, impaling, and doing destructive damage. How strong a projected blade is depends on the mental focus on it. One sword will be stronger than many, yet many could be used to overwhelm or for specific advantages. Can also be used for protection purposes.

Angelic Waves/Beams (Lvl. 38) - Through the 9 Pledges, the outcome is stronger than blade constructs of light energy. The swords will emit light in the intent for longer range and devastating damage. Swinging any sword will emit powerful cutting waves, sharp and infused with the light even to be used as projectiles upon swing. When used either in a stabbing motion or even as floating weapons, they will shoot a piercing beam that upon contact will stab and/or cut the opponent. The use of this ability can be used in versatile ways, even doing performing combinations of both waves and beams. Upon crashing with solids, they may explode on impact. This is the Colonel's most used ability when at war and dealing with numerous targets. One of his signature moves is unleashing a volley of light beams from above using his 9 Pledges. Thrusting the blade forth to create an extension of it from light to cut and maim enemies is also possible.

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Do not get attached. I am not Colonel Frey.

Concept, story, idea were all made by the writer; heavily inspired by Science Fiction stories, military documentaries, Dark Souls, Xenosaga, Code Geass, Attack on Titan, a bit of Star Wars and particularly the idea of a male version of Esdeath in personality alone from Akame ga Kill.

If you are interested to know more, or want to make a character based on the same universe, feel free to ask questions; however there will be no big group in the near future based around the Kingdom of Ostrain. If by some chance it got popular and there was motivation, I would consider it. But at the moment I'm not looking for a highly dedicated group RP. Interactions outside of the universe are the momentary focus. - DISCLAIMER -

Being born in nobility, forced to live up to expectations, bred by war, lived through harsh conditions in order to survive and with an elitist disposition that the strong triumph over the weak; don't expect a warm greeting. In conclusion, Colonel Frey is a dick. If you don't like it, don't put up with it and be on your way but don't expect the visual romance novel of your dreams.

Men and women of military and special force operatives get notice. Warriors receive some praise but will stay his ground. Assassins, he is wary of. Mages, sorcerors, wizards, druids; are all witches to any Knight of the Beacon and are held in a poor light. Demonic, god-like and other supernatural enties, he's indifferent. Creatures of the dark or those aligned with the darkness; steer clear of Knights. He will be hostile. Knights of the Beacon were raised to kill Abyssals, creatures from the Void and they are frowned upon immensely.

Unless you haven't read, Lumis doesn't like weakness nor incompetence. Casual conversation is fine, but emotionally unstable and powerless folk will not get sympathy. In fact, he's not sympathetic at all. He is of a belief that people should grasp their own future in their own hands and grow from there. Nature will decide who is unworthy.

In regards to sexual encounters, don't approach expecting to be charmed. Though introverted he is not intimidated. This ties in with having an affinity for strong folk. Proud and fierce women will get his attention yet he despises flirting. Talent is what's needed. And even then intimacy is still a bit far away. Long story short, pointless smut is not wanted. Act like a person, not like a loose woman. Anything else, just try your luck.

"He has a lotta swords there", "Spare some of that edge, you edgelord?", joking around is fine. Those who antagonize, I do not care to respond to.

If you want to develop a mutual friendship/story, it'll depend on how I feel it will go, my mood, and if it's worth it. That said, I don't like beating around the bush. I'm picky.

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Colonel Frey's past is purposely left obscure without providing all the details. That'll come with due time and interactions.

If IC approaches are comical, his maturity does not allow to go along with it. That's part of the gimmick, though so don't be discouraged. Chances are your head will be used as a resting chair for his legs.

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